Monday, January 6, 2020

Playlist, Week of 2020-01-05

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A bang-up Christmas: a new turntable from my lovely wife, and lots of musical goodies as well.... including the magnificent Henry Cow box set... the remastering of Leg End is astounding, really... sounds sooo much better than it ever has before... Also finally able to play the Beatles Christmas records box that Rodger gave me a few years ago, which I'd not played due to turntable problems... again, the best they've ever sounded, and definitely some of the best Christmas "music" ever... Crimble! And a very New Year!

Playlist 2020-01-06:

*Muhal Richard Abrams: Mama and Daddy
*Pete Christlieb/Warne Marsh Quintet: Apogee (side 1)
*Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: Cosmologies (sides 1, 2)
*Rodger Coleman and Sam Byrd: 2019-11-25 Nashville (rough mix wav)
*Miles Davis: The Prestige 10-Inch LP Collection, Vol. 2 (LPs 1, 2)
*Elton Dean's Ninesense: Oh! For the Edge (side 1)
*Duke Ellington: Duke 56/62 Vol. 1 (side 1)
*Nick Fraser/Kris Davis/Tony Malaby: Zoning
*Herbie Hancock: Sextant
*Marcello Melis: Angedras (side 1)
*Sonny Rollins: Brass/Trio (side 1)
*Soft Heap: Soft Heap (side 1)
*Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra: Sign of the Myth (side 2)
*Johann Sebastian Bach: Violin Concertos (BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra/Alina Ibragimova)
*Jon Anderson: Olias of Sunhillow (side 1)
*B-52’s: Cosmic Thing
*Beach Boys: SMiLE (sides 1, 2, 3, 4)
*Beatles: The Christmas Records
*Beatles: Abbey Road (Anniversary Edition) (discs 2, 3)
*Coheed And Cambria: The Color Before The Sun
*Faust: Faust
*Flying Lotus: You’re Dead!
*John Greaves/Peter Blegvad: Kew. Rhone (side 1)
*Hail the Sun: Elephantitis
*Happy the Man: Crafty Hands (side 1)
*Henry Cow: Leg End (Cow Box Redux)
*Henry Cow: 1974-04-25 BBC (CDR)
*Henry Cow/Slapp Happy: Desperate Straights (Cow Box Redux)
*Henry Cow/Slapp Happy: In Praise of Learning (Cow Box Redux)
*Henry Cow: Beginnings (Cow Box Redux)
*Kinks: Arthur, or, The Decline and Fall of the British Empire (50th anniversary remaster) (disc 1)
*Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy
*Mars Volta: The Bedlam in Goliath
*Matching Mole: Matching Mole (side 1)
*Minutemen: Project: Mersh (side 1)
*Prince: 1999 (Super Deluxe Edition) (disc 3)
*Slapp Happy and Friends: 1974-06025 BBC (CDR)
*X: Los Angeles/Wild Gift
*XTC: Drums and Wires
*XTC: Black Sea (Surround Sound Series) (disc 1)
*Frank Zappa: Boulez Conducts Zappa: The Perfect Stranger (side 1)

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