Monday, January 16, 2017

Playlist, Week of 2017-01-15

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I am not a huge opera fan. I am a huge Braxton fan. I knew that someday I'd have to come to terms with Braxton's ongoing opera project. It's obviously an important part of his oeuvre. So, my lovely wife came through for me this Christmas and gifted me with these Trillium boxes. Wow! Now that I have plowed through all 10 discs at least once, I can safely say: I am bewildered, but intrigued. I love the instrumental stuff going on throughout these discs...there are some amazing passages, instrumental interludes that sound nothing like anything else I've heard from Braxton's large ensemble work....but I am still struggling with the vocals. Many times it sounds they're singing one note, kind of talking-singing rather than singing a melody. That's probably intentional, but it gets tiring after a while to these non-theatrical-music-fan ears. But! Some of this stuff is funny as hell, and it's actually growing on me. It doesn't strike me as typical opera at all, based on my limited knowledge of opera--but then again,I shouldn't be surprised, it is Braxton, after all. So how does it compare to other modern opera? Couldn't say. How does it compare to other large ensemble Braxton? Very favorably. This is challenging, dense music that I am sure is going to intrigue and beguile me for years to come.

Playlist 2017-01-16:

*Mahler: Symphony No. 5 (Boulez)
*Anthony Braxton: Quartet (Warsaw) 2012
*Anthony Braxton: Trillium E (discs 1, 2)
*Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: 2016-12-26 Nashville (wav)
*Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: 2016-12-28 Nashville (wav)
*Decoy & Joe McPhee: Oto
*Fred Frith/Marc Ribot: Sounds of a Distant Episode
*Barry Guy/London Jazz Composers Orchestra: Study II, Stringer
*Andrew Hill: The Complete Blue Note Andrew Hill Sessions (1963-66) (disc 5)
*Elmo Hope: Sounds from Rikers Island
*Illegal Crowns: Illegal Crowns
*Ingrid Laubrock/Tom Rainey/Kris Davis/Ralph Alessi: Lark
*Ingrid Laubrock Anti-House: 2016-11-05 Strasbourg, France (CDR)
*Mahavishnu Orchestra: Birds of Fire
*RAIC: 2016-08-13 Richmond VA (wav)
*RAIC: 2016-09-01 "Lovers Never Leave" Sound of Music Studios, RVA (wav)
*Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Myth Science Solar Arkestra: Horizon (side 1)
*Sun Ra: Disco 3000: The Complete Milan Concert 1978 (Art Yard) "Disco 3000"
*Serenus Zeitblom Oktett with Ingrid Laubrock: 2016-09-06 Sardinia, Italy (CDR)
*Elvis Costello and Bill Frisell: Deep Dead Blue
*Dick Dale and His Del-Tones: Surfers' Choice
*Gentle Giant: In a Glass House
*Grateful Dead: Live to Air
*Opeth: Sorceress (Limited Edition) (disc 2)
*Prince: Montreux Jazz Festival 2013/From The Soundboard, Vol. 1 (boot CDR) (disc 1)
*Richard Pinhas/Yoshida Tatsuya: Welcome in the Void
*Stereolab: Music for the Amorphous Body Study Center
*UYA: The Unrealized Sessions of UYA (High Noon ADAT Mixes)
*XTC: Homegrown
*Yes: Tales from Topographic Oceans (2016 remaster) (disc 3)

Reading List, Week of 2017-01-15

Reading List 2017-01-16:

*Smith, Zadie. White Teeth (started)
*Shih, Nai-an, and Kuan-chung Lo. Outlaws of the Marsh [Shui Hu Chuan] (trans. Sidney Shapiro) (finished)
*Jackson, Holbrook. Anatomy of Bibliomania (in progress)
*Manguel, Alberto. Reading Pictures: A History of Love and Hate (in progress)
*Showcase Presents: Legion of Super Heroes, Vol . 1 (in progress)

Monday, January 9, 2017

Playlist, Week of 2017-01-08

I am still absorbing the almost four hours' worth of music Rodger Coleman and I recorded in December. Rodger is a true wizard. He's an expert at creating spaced-out sonic landscapes that are easy to travel, and his moog and guitar work this time were truly exemplary. Tons of zonked-out megaspace suites to absorb! I also got to try out his Yamaha DTX-12 Multi set-up, and it was a blast integrating pre-programmed percussive sounds with the acoustic kit. Rodger also has a new 6.5"x14" Ludwig Black Beauty snare, which had me drooling--so responsive and brilliant sounding, I almost didn't have to touch it for it to sound great.

Playlist 2017-01-09:

*Ensemble 303: Treatise by Cornelius Cardew
*Anthony Braxton: Trillium E (discs 1, 2, 3, 4)
*Anthony Braxton: Trillium J (discs 1, 2, 3, 4)
*Taylor Ho Bynum: Enter the Plustet
*Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: 2016-12-26 Nashville (wav)
*Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: 2016-12-28 Nashville (wav)
*Marilyn Crispell: Live in San Francisco
*Decoy: Vol 1: Spirit
*Duke Ellington and His Orchestra: The Treasury Shows, Vol. 14 (disc 1)
*Mary Halvorson Octet: Away with You
*Alexander Hawkins: Song Singular
*Ingrid Laubrock with Liam Noble & Tom Rainey: Sleepthief
*Ingrid Laubrock: Serpentines
*Joe Morris: 2015-12-04 Amsterdam (CDR)
*Sonny Rollins Quartet with Don Cherry: Complete Live at the Village Gate 1962 (discs 1, 2)
*Wadada Leo Smith: Kabell Years 1971-1979 (disc 1)
*Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Research Arkestra: Planets of Life or Death, Amiens '73
*Henry Threadgill Zooid: This Brings Us To, Volume 1
*Henry Threadgill Zooid: Tomorrow Sunny/The Revelry, Spp
*Henry Threadgill Ensemble Double Up: Old Locks and Irregular Verbs
*Flaming Lips: The Terror
*Opeth: Sorceress (Limited Edition) (disc 1)
*John Oswald: Discosphere
*UYA: 1990-07-22 Definite Electric (wav)
*Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention: Road Tapes, Venue #1 (1968) (disc 2)

Reading List, Week of 2017-01-08

The year is already 1/52, how time flies!

Reading List 2017-01-09:

*Showcase Presents: Legion of Super Heroes, Vol . 1 (started)
*Jackson, Holbrook. Anatomy of Bibliomania (in progress)
*Manguel, Alberto. Reading Pictures: A History of Love and Hate (in progress)
*Shih, Nai-an, and Kuan-chung Lo. Outlaws of the Marsh [Shui Hu Chuan] (trans. Sidney Shapiro) (in progress)

Monday, January 2, 2017

Playlist, Week of 2017-01-01

Good listening (and playing!) at Rodger's this past week! Stay tuned for more on our sessions...whew! Happy new year, everyone.

Playlist 2017-01-02

*Morton Feldman: Palais de  Mari (Siegfried Mauser) "Palais de  Mari"
*Anthony Braxton: Trillium E (disc 1)
*Massimo Discepoli/Daniel Barbiero: An Eclipse of Image
*Duke Ellington: Three Suites
*Alexander Hawkins Trio: Alexander Hawkins Trio
*Ingrid Laubrock: Serpentines
*Beatles: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band (side 1)
*Ray Charles: Anthology
*Sam Cooke: Greatest Hits
*Finnforest: Demonnights
*Flaming Lips: Imagene Peise ‎– Atlas Eets Christmas
*Hatfield and the North: Hatwise Choice
*Jade Warrior: Last Autumn's Dream (side 1)
*Tom Jones: The Best of Tom Jones: The Millennium Collection
*Oranssi Pazuzu: Värähtelijä
*Le Orme: Felona e Sorona (side 1)
*William Onyeabor: Who is William Onyeabor? (side 1)
*This Heat: This Heat
*Yes: Tales from Topographic Oceans (2016 remaster) (discs 1, 3, 4)
*Yes: Relayer (2016 remaster) (disc 1)

Reading List, Week of 2017-01-01

Read Daniel Barbiero's excellent review here.

Reading List 2017-01-02

*Manguel, Alberto. Reading Pictures: A History of Love and Hate (started)
*Gottschalk, Jennie. Experimental Music since 1970 (finished)
*Jackson, Holbrook. Anatomy of Bibliomania (in progress)
*Shih, Nai-an, and Kuan-chung Lo. Outlaws of the Marsh [Shui Hu Chuan] (trans. Sidney Shapiro) (in progress)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Playlist, Week of 2016-12-25


Playlist 2016-12-26:

*Rodger Coleman & Andrew Dickson: 2016-12-16 Nashville (mp3)
*Kris Davis Infrasound: Save Your Breath (selections)
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2016-12-11 "Burrito Response" Bandito's, RVA (wav)
*Beach Boys: Alternates (disc 1) (CDR compilation)
*Beatles: Mono Masters (2009 mono remaster)
*Beatles: Beatles for Sale (2009 mono remaster)
*Beatles: The Beatles (2009 mono remaster) (sides 2, 3)
*David Bowie: Low
*Deerhoof: Fever 121614 (selections)
*English Beat: Wha'ppen?
*Grateful Dead: Birth of the Dead (disc 2)
*Grateful Dead: Dark Star 1972 (00:55:00-01:58:00)
*Vince Guaraldi Trio: A Charlie Brown Christmas
*Lester Lanin: Christmas Dance Party
*New Order: (the best of) New Order
*Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral (selections)
*Phil Spector: A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector
*Candi Staton: Candi Staton
*Tool: Lateralus
*UYA: 1990-02-18 Willow Jazz Club, Somerville MA (disc 2)
*Various artists: The Spirit of Christmas Past
*XTC: Transistor Blast (disc 4)