Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Playlist, Week of 2018-10-14

Continuing with my journey through the discography of Craig Taborn... which is leading to lots of interesting detours... especially Dave Douglas' Freak In, a 1970s-Miles-drenched album I'd missed... excellent Taborn Fender Rhodes solo on "Traveler There Is No Road"... Also enjoying digging deeper into AMM, especially after the magnificent new release An Unintended Legacy... The Anthony Braxton New Braxton House Bandcamp site continues to crank out amazing releases... Another new gem is the Oakland Elementary School Arkestra CD The Saga of Padani... elementary school kids playing improvisations and Sun Ra tunes... I have always loved Randy Porter's contribution to the Sun Ra tribute CD Wavelength Infinity ("Planet Earth") but never managed to track down Big Music, Little Musicians, the first album he put out featuring these amazing children... this new release features the best of that and a subsequent cassette-only release, and is well worth checking out... a few tunes feature Marshall Allen sitting in with them... much more honest and enthralling than anything you'll hear on the airwaves...

Playlist 2018-10-15:

*AMM: 2008-09-06 Rome (CDR)
*AMM: Sounding Music
*AMM: Uncovered Correspondence
*AMM: An Unintended Legacy (discs 2, 3)
*Albert Ayler: Holy Ghost (disc 1)
*Daniel Barbiero/Ken Moore/Dave Vosh: Transparent Points on Four Axe
*Tim Berne: The Shell Game
*Borderlands Trio: Asteroidea
*Anthony Braxton: Three Orchestras (GTM) 1998 (streaming)
*Anthony Braxton: Tentet (Wesleyan) 2000 (streaming)
*Cornelius Cardew & the Scratch Orchestra: The Great Learning
*Company: Trio
*Company: 1983-05 BBC (CDR)
*Dave Douglas: Freak In
*Duke Ellington: The Complete 1932-1940 Brunswick, Columbia and Master Recordings of Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra (disc 1)
*Mary Halvorson Quartet: Paimon (Zorn/Book of Angels Vol. 32)
*Mahavishnu Orchestra: The Lost Trident Sessions
*Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound Ensemble: 3X4 Eye (side 2)
*Ray Noble & His Orchestra featuring Al Bowlly: The Very Thought of You
*Oakland Elementary School Arkestra: The Saga of Padani
*Eivind Opsvik:  Overseas
*Hugh Ragin ‎: Feel The Sunshine
*Ravi Shankar: India's Master Musician
*Ches Smith: The Bell
*Sun Ra and His Astro Ihnfinity Arkestra: The Intergalactic Thing (disc 1)
*Sun Ra: God Is More than Love Can Ever Be!
*Henry Threadgill 14 Or 15 Kestra AGG: Dirt... And More Dirt
*Blast: Wire Stitched Ears
*Blast: Stringy Rugs
*Scott Brookman, Yani Martinelli and Friends: Songs from the Old House​/​MADRID
*King Crimson: Live at Summit Studios, Denver, March 12, 1972
*King Crimson: Earthbound
*Paul McCartney: Egypt Station
*Dusty Springfield: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
*Various artists: Dance Craze, Vol. 1
*Wig Drop: Wig Drop 2

Reading List, Week of 2018-10-14

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Reading List 2018-10-15:

*Nelson, Michael J. Mike Nelson's Mind over Matters (reread/started)
*Saga of the Volsungs (transl. Jackson Crawford) (started)
*Austen, Jane. Sanditon (reread/started/finished)
*Rutherfurd, Edward. London (finished)
*Chazal, Malcolm de. Sens-Plastique (trans. Irving Weiss) (in progress)
*Poe's Children: The New Horror: An Anthology (ed. Peter Straub) (in progress)
*Thomson, David. The New Biographical Dictionary of Film (4th ed.) (in progress)

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Playlist, Week of 2018-10-07

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A few words about the new AMM 3-CD release An Unintended Legacy: it's wonderful... notable for the rejoining of guitarist Keith Rowe after an eleven-year absence, it's remarkable how much this sounds like he'd never left... and yet there is an advancement of sorts, or a difference, in how things unfold... the music is as mysterious and subtle as ever before, and there is a subdued statis that is meditative and lovely... even so, it's great to hear the Beach Boys insinuate themselves into the fray, on the first disc... good thing it was Pet Sounds and not M.I.U. Album... not sure that selection was as random as Rowe's radio interjections were in the past, but it works...

Playlist 2018-10-08:

*Anton Webern: Complete Webern - Boulez (disc 6)
*Muhal Richard Abrams: Mama and Daddy
*AMM: An Unintended Legacy (disc 1)
*Daniel Barbiero et al/The December 1952 Project.: 2018-09-30 Sonic Circuits, Washington DC (wav)
*Anthony Braxton: Trillium E (discs 3, 4)
*Gerald Cleaver: Adjust
*Marilyn Crispell/Eddie Prévost/Harrison Smith: 2012-11-07 London (CDR)
*Kris Davis and Craig Taborn: Octopus
*Eric Dolphy: Conversations
*Ronald Shannon Jackson & the Decoding Society: Barbeque Dog
*Mat Maneri Quartet: Blue Decco
*Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory: Nine To Get Ready
*Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory: 1999-06-11 Chicago (CDR)
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2018-09-24 "How Easily I Can Lie" (wav)
*Hugh Ragin Trumpet Ensemble: Fanfare & Fiesta
*RAIC: Symbiosis, Vol. 2 (cassette)
*David Shea: Hsi-Yu Chi
*Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra: Other Strange Worlds
*Sun Ra And His Astro-Ihnfinity Arkestra: Sun Embassy
*Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Solar Research Arkestra: 1971-11-11 Delft, The Netherlands (CDR) (disc 3)
*Sun Ra: Of Abstract Dreams
*Craig Taborn: Light Made Lighter
*Various artists: Blue Note Plays Bossa Nova (disc 1)
*YoshimiO/Susie Ibarra/Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe: Flower of Sulphur
*John Zorn: The Classic Guide to Strategy, Vol. 3
*John Barry: Thunderball (Definitive Soundtrack Collection)
*Chicago: Live VI Decades Live (This Is What We Do) (disc 2)
*Delivery: Fools Meeting
*Grateful Dead: 1970-10-17 Cleveland (CDR) (disc 2)
*Innerzone Orchestra: Programmed
*King Crimson: 1972-03-10 Peoria IL
*Bill Laswell: Dub Chamber 3
*Paul McCartney: Egypt Station
*Pax Nicholas And The Nettey Family: Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef
*Jimmy Reed: Mr. Lucky: The Complete Vee-Jay Singles (disc 2)
*Roxy Music: The Thrill of It All (disc 4)
*Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Up above My Head (disc 1)
*This Heat: This Heat
*Various artists: History of Electronic/Electroacoustic Music (CDR compilation) (disc 18)

Reading List, Week of 2018-10-07

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Reading List 2018-10-08:

*Showcase Presents; Superman, Vol. 1 (started/finished)
*Chazal, Malcolm de. Sens-Plastique (trans. Irving Weiss) (in progress)
*Poe's Children: The New Horror: An Anthology (ed. Peter Straub) (in progress)
*Rutherfurd, Edward. London (in progress)
*Thomson, David. The New Biographical Dictionary of Film (4th ed.) (in progress)

Friday, October 5, 2018

Another Bonus Playlist from the Magic Jukebox

Still another Magic Jukebox listing...here's what was going on in my head in late September 2018 while I was doing dishes, taking out the trash, and walking around Monroe Park…

1. Zach Hill - Burner in the video
2. Patsy Cline - I'm walking the dog (live)
3. UYA - QOW
4. Mrs. Miller - Hard day's night
5. Frank Zappa - Dense slight
6. Tad Thaddock - Cheesy dogs pt. 2
7. High Llamas - Clarion Union Hall
8. Mary Wells - To lose you
9. Brian Wilson - The right time
10. James Carr - You've got my mind messed up
11. D'Angelo & the Vanguard - Sugah daddy
12. Fletcher Henderson - Harlem madness
13. Sun Ra - New steps
14. Drifters - This magic moment
15. Beatles - Shout
16. Sun Ra - Hours after
17. Flight of the Conchords - Business time
18. Beatles - she's a woman (live, Shea Stadium)
19. Kelley Stoltz - I remember you were wild
20. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - Introduction
21. Duke Ellington - Dinah Lou
22. Duke Ellington - Move over
23. Barney Bigard - Mardi Gras madness
24. Billie Holiday - It's too hot for words
25. Sonic Youth - Calming the snake
26. Flaming Embers - Filet de soul
27. Funkadelic - Take your dead ass home
28. Sun Ra - Lost horizon (live 1981)
29. Cryptic Snippets - disc 2, track 13
30. Patsy Cline - She's got you
31. De La Soul - Bitties in the BK lounge
32. Beatles - Dizzy Miss Lizzie
33. Muddy Waters - Good morning little schoolgirl
34. Eric Dolphy - Iron man
35. Beatles - Here there and everywhere (early take)
36. James Brown - Think
37. Soul Brothers Six - Your love is such a wonderful love
38. Beach Boys - Slip on through (a capella mix)
39. Flirtations - Nothing but a heartache
40. Beach Boys - It's about time (live)
41. Jimi Hendrix - Love or confusion
42. Rodger Coleman/Sam Byrd - No. 6 (2006-12-28)
43. Beatles - You're gonna lose that girl
44. Duke Ellington - The laborers
45. Sun Ra/James Scales/Wilbur Ware - Space aura
46. Lester Young - Body and soul
47. Sun Ra - Love in outer space
48. Major Lance - Rhythm
49. Howdy Doody - Time to play again
50. Ronnie Dee - Action packed
51. Joan Scott - Mighty long road
52. Otis Redding - Any ole way (live)
53. Red Saunders and His Orchestra - Probably
54. Fred Astaire - Cheek to cheek
55. Beatles - I've just seen a face
56. High Llamas - Take my hand
57. Aretha Franklin - Call me
58. Beach Boys - Barnyard blues
59. Beatles - Friendship
60. Elvis Costello - High fidelity
61. Beach Boys - I just wasn't made for these times (alternate version)
62. Beatles - Beautiful dreamer (BBC)
63. Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - (I need some) money
64. Cryptic Jr. - disc 2, track 40
65. Parliament - What comes funky
66. Beatles - Yesterday (live Munich 1966)
67. Ruby Johnson - Keep on keeping on
68. Captain Beefheart - Floppy boot stomp
69. Beatles - Hard day's night (live Hollywood Bowl)
70. Husker Du - Celebrated summer
71. Zu - Erinys
72. Beatles - Long tall Sally (live 1964)
73. Lucia Pamela - You and your big ideas
74. Robert Wyatt - Little Red Riding Hood hits the road
75. Johnny Hodges - You can count on me
76. Jefferson Airplane - Streetmasse
77. Naked City - Ujaku
78. Rolling Stones - Ain't that loving you baby
79. NPG - Acknowledge me #2
80. Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane - Blue Monk
81. Dusty Springfield - Stay awhile
82. Clash - Rock the Casbah
83. Eddie Hazel - I want you (She's so heavy)
84. Ellie Greenwich - I don't know
85. Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Yes, no, maybe so
86. Booker T. & the MGs - In the midnight hour
87. Beatles - Drive my car
88. Rodger Coleman/Sam Byrd - Number 1 (Eras)
89. Steely Dan - King of the world
90. Fletcher Henderson - Hotter than 'ell
91. Sun Ra - Sometimes I'm happy (live Red Garter 1970)
92. Tower of Power - Both sorry over nothing (live)
93. Circus Devils - Wizard
94. Duke Ellington - Little Posey
95. Wig Drop - Diaper drive
96. National Lampoon - For $15,000
97. Chuck Jackson - I wake up crying
98. Mary Wells - Me and my baby
99. Duke Ellington - Stompy Jones
100. Sun Ra - Memories of you

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Eddie Prévost on Sun Ra

Eddie Prévost on Sun Ra:
Jazz has often been in an unwittingly innocent postmodern state due to its references to the past--by way of the popular song--and unprepossessing self-referencing "quoting." Much of what I have heard of the New York based Lincoln Center project, curated and produced by Wynton Marsalis, falls into a more self-conscious category. This initiative is aggressively postmodern, suggesting a self-satisfied stasis happy to consolidate the innovative gains of the "jazz masters."
Contrast this with the wildly confident, uninhibited, unconventional output of Sun Ra: cod-Egyptology and fantastic sci-fi interwoven with joyous popular song; shades of free music together with big band jazz in a circus extravaganza; an -ism-busting complex whose archness audaciously defied categorization; an otherworldly postmodernism unconcerned with market motives. With extravagant costumes and fantastic ideology as soul-preserving strategies, the Arkestra remained firmly outside of the newly emerging black, middle class aspirational nexus. Sun Ra proved to be an exceptional exception. The general ethos of jazz now fully embraces the need to be understood and popular: it measures success by how well it commands the market. (Eddie Prévost, "Confronting a Darkening World: AMM at 50 years--An Aesthetic Memorandum," in Critical Studies in Improvisation, 11:1-2 (2017), pp. 6-7.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Playlist, Week of 2018-09-30

I am starting an informal (and not necessarily chronological) romp through the discography of Craig Taborn (at least through what I have access to)... as I think back on my experience at the Big Ears Festival earlier this year, besides Roscoe Mitchell and Evan Parker the musician whose performances I find myself ruminating over the most is Taborn... I missed his quartet, which was on the one day I wasn't there, but he shined in sets with Rocket Science, the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, and Roscoe Mitchell... I was especially impressed by two things: his super-sensitive approach to the piano with Rocket Science, presenting a lyrical counterpoint to the atonal flutterings of Sam Pluta's electronics and Peter Evans' trumpet, and his majestic electronics statement as part of the huge Roscoe Mitchell Bells for the South Side ensemble... Taborn's earliest recording, James Carter's JC on the Set, places him firmly in the jazz quartet tradition, albeit one that's stretched inside and out both by Carter's stylistic breadth and by his choice of material, which ranges from Don Byas and Duke Ellington to Sun Ra and three seasoned originals... Taborn proves himself as comfortable as Carter is with both taking it out and grooving on the inside... he continues this multi-faceted approach on Conversin' with the Elders... it's partially this versatility, I think, that so attracts me to his playing, and his career ever since has thrived on this multiplicity of approaches... he can hold his own in the Cecil Taylor arena, he can swing with the best of them, and he is equally adept with electronics in both the noise sphere (Junk Magic) and the fusion sphere (Dave Holland's Prism)...

Playlist 2018-10-01:

*Anton Webern: Complete Webern - Boulez (disc 3)
*AMM: An Unintended Legacy (discs 1, 2, 3)
*Daniel Barbiero/Ken Moore/Dave Vosh: Transparent Points on Four Axes
*Anthony Braxton: Trillium E (disc 2)
*James Carter: JC on the Set
*James Carter: The Real Quietstorm
*James Carter: Conversin' with the Elders
*James Carter: In Carterian Fashion
*Francisco Mora Catlett: World Trade Music
*Mary Halvorson: Code Girl
*Alexander Hawkins: Unit[e] (discs 1, 2)
*Mat Maneri: Sustain
*Wolfgang Muthspiel: Rising Grace
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2018-09-11 Venable St., Richmond, VA. "Kitchen Cousins" (mp3)
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2018-09-24 "How Easily I Can Lie" (wav)
*Evan Parker: Strings with Evan Parker (disc 1)
*Hugh Ragin: An Afternoon in Harlem
*David Rogers Sextet: The World Is Not Your Home
*Archie Shepp: Attica Blues
*Sun Ra: The Stranger
*Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra: The Night of the Purple Moon
*Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Myth Science Solar Arkestra: Horizon "The Shadow World"
*Band: Music from Big Pink
*Jeff Beck Group: Jeff Beck Group
*Dark Carpet: 2018-04-27 Brooklyn, NY (CDR)
*Mike Elder/Harry Forrest/Greg Jordan/Sam Byrd: 2018-09-22 (wav)
*Emerson Lake & Palmer: Emerson Lake & Palmer
*Emerson Lake & Palmer: Tarkus (side 1)
*Esquivel & His Orchestra: Complete 1954-1962 Recordings (disc 4)
*King Crimson: 1972-03-08 Milwaukee
*Paul McCartney: Egypt Station
*National Health: Missing Pieces
*Various artists: Charas Babu: Inspiring Colourful and Rare Sounds from India
*Various artists: Brian Wilson: Visions: His Complete Outside Productions (boot CDR) (disc 1)
*Various artists: History of Electronic/Electroacoustic Music (CDR compilation) (discs 16, 17)