Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Playlist, Week of 2018-07-22

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Beach time.....

Playlist 2018-07-23:

*Muhal Richard Abrams: Spihumonesty
*AMM: Tunes Without Measure or End
*Rodger Coleman and Sam Byrd: 2017-12-27 Nashville (selections)
*John Coltrane: Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album (Deluxe Edition)
*End: Svårmod Och Vemod Är Värdesinnen
*Okkyung Lee/Christian Marclay: Amalgam
*George Lewis: Shadowgraph, 5 (Sextet)
*Evan Parker/Joe Morris/Nate Wooley: Ninth Square
*Tom Rainey Obbligato: Float Upstream
*Dan Weiss: Starebaby
*Beach Boys: 50 Big Ones (disc 1)
*Beatles: The Empire Strikes Back (boot CDR)
*Clash: Sandinista! (disc 1)
*Grateful Dead: Dave's Picks Vol. 19: Honolulu Civic Auditorium 1970-01-23 (disc 1)
*Grateful Dead: Rockin' the Rhein with the Grateful Dead (disc 3)
*Grateful Dead: Dark Star 1972 version 2 (in progress, 00:36:00-02:31:02)
*Grateful Dead: 1975-03-23 Kezar Stadium, San Francisco (streaming)
*Elvis Presley: A Boy From Tupelo: The Complete 1953-55 Recordings (disc 3)
*Roxy Music: The Thrill of It All (disc 1)
*Sonic Youth: The Eternal
*Bruce Springsteen: The Ties That Bind: The River Collection (disc 2)

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