Monday, July 16, 2018

Jefferson Pilot: The Optimist Field

Jefferson Pilot's new CD The Optimist Field is both a snappy summary of what he's done so far (2013-2018) and a new comprehensive statement on its own. It mixes some of the best songs from his previous releases Hello Mississippi and Welcome Stranger with brand new ones. The older songs are remixed here, and they sound brighter and punchier as a result, and fit in seamlessly with the newer material. This is easily the best release from Jefferson Pilot so far. His explorations of noise sonics, subtle sampling, shifting textures, and avant-garde flavors in the context of rock, pop, funk, and country-flavored songs are truly distinct and original....and fun. Things are really mixed in good here, with songs taking left-, or, well, u-turns all over the place. The spirit of Ringo hovers all over the album, primarily and spiritually in Jeff's excellent drumming throughout (especially in "Poor Dead Soldier"), but also in a sampled drum beat and in "Little Ringo with Words," a heartfelt paean to the young Richard Starkey in his sickbed in Liverpool--a beautiful way to close this album of sonic treats.

This album isn't up on Bandcamp yet, but I understand it will be soon. Well worth checking out! (Full disclosure: proud to say that Jefferson Pilot is my brother. Rock on!)

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