Monday, October 31, 2016

Cecil Taylor and His Drummers

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Burning Ambulance

More from the archives...
Taylor is hell on drummers because he's kind of a drummer himself, and no trap set can match his 88 bells, or the overtones with which he purges the air. ... Still, he has had four great ones--Sunny Murray, Andrew Cyrille, Shannon Jackson, and now Tony Oxley. "Great" in this context is easily quantified: the drummer must be able to keep up, but also to lead. For all his speed and the monoliths of sound Taylor builds, he is a most responsive musician, and his drummers have to anticipate in a nanosecond when to jump out front. The music, after all, is relatively airless: almost all the dialogue is simultaneous. He doesn't trade fours. (Gary Giddins, "Bing Bang Bong," Village Voice, 1989-02-14)

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