Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Photos and Video of Nashville Gig

Rodger Coleman and Sam Byrd with visuals by Daniel Arite
Chris DeLine
The show at the Centennial Park Black Box Theater went really well! Really nice crowd, surreal projected live drawing behind us. After a nice opening set from Matt Endahl (solo Fender Rhodes) and the resolving of a few technical difficulties, we tore things up for 50 minutes, building to a great crescendo that left me breathless (literally....for some dumb reason I forgot to have water handy and I was breathing really hard when it was over!). Rodger's take on the show is here. Some nice photos are here, and they also did a nice video of the first 7 minutes or so...it cuts off just as we were getting warmed up! Overall, it was an overwhelming evening, and Rodger sounded stupendous. We kept it going, and it went by like a flash.

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