Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Upcoming Gigs

May is going to be an exciting month gig-wise!

On Saturday, May 2, I will be playing in duo with Jimmy Ghaphery as part of the RVA Noise Fest IV, at Strange Matter here in Richmond. We're billed as "The New Loft," but I'm still mentally (as opposed to physically) thinking of us as New Ting Ting Loft, even though there'll only be two of us. Note: Tommy and Ben are also performing, as Ting Ting Jahe. I will post more details when I know them. We will be playing for 15 crisp minutes, I think around 6:30. I'll be playing a reduced kit, probably just a snare and hi-hat (plus toys).

Centennial Black Box Theater Sign.

On May 15, I will be playing in duo with Rodger Coleman at the Centennial Black Box Theater in Nashville on Friday, May 15, as part of their Free Form Friday series. This will be our second live duo performance (well, not counting the duet we did as part of the MIT Libraries' staff concert in Killian Hall back in UYA days!), and Rodger will be playing guitar and synth (in addition to piano? not sure). We'll be expanding on territory we explored back in December, as evidenced on our new digital-only release (see next blog post!).

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