Sunday, March 15, 2015

The News

The Empress to her Adjunct:
You appear to hold to the childish notion that some truths are intransigent and undeniable. Alas, the adult world is never so simple. All truths are malleable. Subject, by necessity, to revision. Have you not yet observed, Tavore, that in the minds of the people in this empire, truth is without relevance? It has lost its power. It no longer effects change and indeed, the very will of the people--born of fear and ignorance, granted--the very will, as I said, can in turn revise those truths, can transform, if you like, the lies of convenience into faith, and that faith in turn is not open to challenge. (Steven Erikson, The Bonehunters, Tor 2008, p. 1095)
Let's hear it for climate change deniers.

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