Monday, April 9, 2018

Playlist, Week of 2018-04-08

Great to have the wonderfully remastered CD of God Is More than Love Can Ever BeSun Ra's only piano trio album... Under the double sway of Roscoe Mitchell's hypnotic sax and Sonic Youth's hypnotic guitar grooves... Going back and digging Milford Graves' work with Giuseppi Logan... I have a hard time with the sax player's almost inept and feeble attempts at free jazz, but when Logan drops out and Don Pullen takes over, true fire emerges...

Playlist 2018-04-09:

*Anthony Braxton: 4 Compositions (Ulrichsberg) 2005 Phonomanie VIII (disc 2)
*Miles Davis: Aura
*Decoy with Joe McPhee: Spontaneous Combustion (disc 2)
*Joe Henderson featuring Alice Coltrane: The Elements
*Giuseppi Logan Quartet: The Giuseppi Logan Quartet
*Roscoe Mitchell Trio: No Side Effects (disc 2)
*Roscoe Mitchell Quartet: 2009-06-28 Tivoli (CDR)
*Roscoe Mitchell's Cards For Orchestra Project: 2009-08-30 Sant'Anna Arresi, Italy (CDR)
*Roscoe Mitchell Trio: Angel City
*Roscoe Mitchell: 2011-02-17 Roulette, NYC (CDR)
*Roscoe Mitchell: Bells for the South Side (disc 1)
*David Murray/Milford Graves: Real Deal
*Paradoxical Frog: Paradoxical Frog
*Charlie Parker: The Complete Charlie Parker on Verve (disc 5)
*Sun Ra: God Is More than Love Can Ever Be (Remastered 2018 Ed.)
*Henry Threadgill Zooid: Tomorrow Sunny/The Revelry, Spp
*Henry Threadgill Zooid: 2012-03-18 NYC (CDR)
*Eberhard Weber: Yellow Fields
*Chicago: At Carnegie Hall (disc 4)
*Tim Gane & Sean O'Hagan: La Vie d'Artiste (disc 2)
*King Geedorah: Take Me to Your Leader
*Lee Perry: I Am the Upsetter (disc 2)
*Prince: Lovesexy 25 (webcast boot CDR)
*Sly and the Family Stone: Live at the Fillmore East October 4th & 5th, 1968 (disc 4)
*Sonic Youth: Bad Moon Rising
*Sonic Youth: Sonic Nurse
*Sonic Youth: The Eternal
*Sonic Youth: The Destroyed Room
*Various artists: Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music #7: Seventh and Last a-Chronology 1930-2012 (disc 3)
*Yes: 1975-07-06 Memphis (CDR)

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