Sunday, February 11, 2018

New Reading Plan

It's time to update my reading plan for the coming year. Unlike some of my older reading plans, though, this year I'm going a bit vague. Oh, I do have some specific books in mind, of course, but overall I just have this vague sense of where I'm going, which is fine, and kind of exciting. I always leave things up to chance and whim anyway. So, no big list this time. Just some smaller lists.

Looking back at my plan from November 2016, I see that I got through about half my list of first-time reads, but only less than a third of my rereading list. Oh well! Things change.

I have compiled a long list of early modern dramatists and plays I want to get through (other than Shakespeare). I'm not going to recreate that here, but you will start to notice plays by Ben Jonson, Christopher Marlowe, Beaumont and Fletcher, John Ford, Thomas Middleton, etc. etc. showing up on my reading lists. Of course, I will also persist in my rereading of Shakespeare, punctuated by random Shakespeare criticism. That's a given.

Pretty soon, after I get through the third Stormlight Archive book and the new Expanse novel, I will buckle down and tackle the Javier MarĂ­as trilogy Your Face Tomorrow. I want to continue my chronological reading of John le CarrĂ© novels (the next one will be Our Game). I'm going to reread Pynchon's Bleeding Edge and some more Jane Austen. I want to get to at least one Stendhal novel.

Eventually I'll tackle all of the Malazan series again (for the third time), but I was thinking I would wait until Esslemont writes the third book in the Path to Ascendancy trilogy (looks like Erikson's Kharkanas prequel trilogy is on hold, and there may be another trilogy coming, concerning Karsa Orlong).

There are also those super-long books I will eventually get through one way or another...

And that's my plan! (For now...)

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