Monday, March 13, 2017

Playlist, Week of 2017-03-13

Playlist 2017-03-13:

*AMM: 2003-11-12 Glasgow (CDR)
*AMM: 2016-11-12 Budapest (CDR)
*Louis Armstrong: The Complete RCA Victor Recordings (disc 4)
*Aych: As the Crow Flies
*Daniel Barbiero/Sam Byrd/Jimmy Ghaphery: 2016-08-27 Rhizome, Washington DC (wav)
*Bix Beiderbecke: Great Original Performances 1924-1930
*Anthony Braxton Quartet: 1993-07-18  Oakland, CA (CDR) (disc 1)
*Anthony Braxton: Trillium E (disc 3)
*Rodger Coleman: 2016-01-20 Portland Brew 12 South, Nashville (wav)
*Silvia Corda: Traces for Semi-Prepared Double Bass (Danile Barbiero) (streaming)
*Stephan Crump/Ingrid Laubrock/Cory Smythe: Planktonic Finales
*Kris Davis: Rye Eclipse
*Kris Davis Trio: 2015-01-22 Vienna (CDR)
*Drew Gress: The Sky Inside
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2017-02-27 "Several Round Things" (wav)
*Tom Rainey Trio: Hotel Grief
*Sonny Rollins Quartet with Don Cherry: Complete Live at the Village Gate 1962 (disc 4)
*R.U.B.: 2006-03-05 Tokyo (CDR)
*Wadada Leo Smith: Kabell Years 1971-1979 (disc 3)
*Cecil Taylor Unit: 1975-07-25 Antibes (wav)
*Kevin Ayers and the Whole World: The Garden of Love
*Cream: 1967-10-15 Detroit (CDR) (disc 2)
*Mike Elder/Harry Forrest/Greg Jordan/Sam Byrd: 2017-03-04 (wav)
*Electric Wurms: Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk
*Flaming Lips: Oczy Mlody
*Grateful Dead: History of the Grateful Dead, Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)
*Grateful Dead: Grateful Dead [Skull and Roses]
*Henry Cow: 1972 Hemel Hempstead (wav)
*Mike Keaneally: Wing Beat Fantastic
*NRBQ: Scraps
*Shirelles: The World's Greatest Girls Group (disc 1)
*UYA: 1990-10-28 Plug (wav)
*UYA: 1990-11-04/07 Erd Nove (wav)
*UYA: 1990-11-07/11 Wingspan "Cher" Boogie (wav)
*Syreeta Wright: Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta
*Robert Wyatt: Odd Ditties (boot CDR) (disc 1)
*Yardbirds: Having a Rave Up (side 1)

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