Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Playlist, Week of 2016-08-28

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Playlist 2016-08-29:

*Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: 2008-03-24 Nashville "No. 3 [tt, synth, drums]"
*John Coltrane: Live in Seattle "Out of This World"
*John Coltrane: Live in Japan "Peace on Earth"
*Kris Davis Trio: Waiting for You to Grow
*Duke Ellington and His Orchestra: The Treasury Shows, Vol. 8 (disc 1)
*Duke Ellington and His Orchestra: Duke Ellington in Gröna Lund 1963 (disc 1)
*Mary Halvorson Trio: Ghost Loop
*Charles Mingus: Band sequences from film "Mingus" (1968) (youtube>mp3)
*Alphonse Mouzon: Mind Transplant "The Real Thing"
*New Loft: 2013-05-20 “Pasadena Jump Start” (wav)
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2015-04-13 “Honestly, Back and Forth” (wav)
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2016-08-01 "Extending the Range of Extension" (wav)
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2016-08-22 "Something About Not Knowing What Silence Sounds Like" (wav)
*Paradoxical Frog: 2011-06-10 Vision Festival, NYC (CDR)
*RAIC: 2016-08-13 Richmond VA (mp3)
*Tom Rainey Trio: 2016-07-01 NYC (CDR)
*Sonny Rollins: Road Shows, Vol. 2
*Sun Ra: Live Highlights (CDR compilation) (discs 6, 7, 8, 9) (selections)
*Sun Ra: Further Live Highlights (CDR compilation) (discs 1, 2)
*Sun Ra and the Space Research Humanitarian Myth Science Arkestra: 1981-01-07 Whitney Museum, NYC (CDR)
*Cecil Taylor Unit: 1982-01-05 Lush Life, NYC (CDR)
*Cecil Taylor: 2016-04-23 Whitney Museum, NYC (CDR)
*Henry Threadgill Zooid: In for a Penny, In for a Pound (disc 1)
*Kevin Ayers and the Whole World: The Garden of Love
*George Clinton: Chocolate City: London, P-Funk Live at Metropolis
*Bob Dylan and The Band: The Basement Tapes- Complete (disc 5)
*Guided By Voices: Suitcase Four (Captain Kangaroo Won The War) (disc 2)
*George Harrison: All Things Must Pass
*Heldon: Interface
*Jefferson Pilot: 2016 Demos/Rough Mixes (CDR)
*Ed Motta: AOR
*Nihilist Spasm Band: No Record
*Muffins: 1977 Washington DC (CDR) (disc 2)
*Prix: Historix
*Sly and the Family Stone: Higher! (disc 5)
*Soft Machine: Somewhere in Soho (disc 1)
*Various artists: WCAL: Geo-Uphonics (cassette compilation)(side A)

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