Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reading List, Week of 2016-04-24

Reading List 2016-04-25:

*Gluck, Bob. The Miles Davis Lost Quintet and Other Revolutionary Ensembles (started)
*Parker, T. Jefferson. Crazy Blood (started/finished)
*Van Mierlo, Wim. “‘For plemypolity’s sake’: Editing Finnegans Wake: A Consideration and Review,” in Genetic Joyce Studies (Spring 2012) (started/finished)
*Bryson, Bill. A Short History of Nearly Everything (in progress)
*Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare, ed. Arthur F. Kinney (in progress)
*Segar, E. C. Complete E.C. Segar Popeye, Vol. 9: Dailies 1934-1935 (in progress)
*Sorrentino, Gilbert. Blue Pastoral (reread/in progress)

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