Thursday, November 7, 2013

Les Garçons de la Plage


My daughter and I share a deep love for the Beach Boys. For her 21st birthday, I put together this list of:
...the top 21 Beach Boys songs
(in alphabetical order):

1. California Goobers
2. Catch a Cold
3. Do You Wanna Drive?
4. Don’t Hurt My Little Deuce Coupe
5. Don’t Worry, Wendy
6. Drive, Drive, Drive
7. Funk Funk Funk
8. Garçons de la Patio
9. Girl Don’t Smell Me
10. God’s Only Nose
11. Help Me Fonda
12. Heroes and Williams
13. I Got Around
14. Little Dude Scoop
15. Pet Smells
16. Serf’s Up
17. Shoot the Surfer Moon
18. Sloop Dog B
19. Smurfin’ USA
20. Warmth of My Gum
21. Wouldn’t It be Nice-er-ly

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