Monday, February 29, 2016

Reading List, Week of 2016-02-28

I don't read so much poetry these days. Thought I'd try this out, since Barthelme refers to him so much. Call it stretching my mind: I understand almost none of it, but it's fun to read. Feeble, my mind. But I will try more, and come back to it.

Reading List 2016-02-29:

*Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare, ed. Arthur F. Kinney (started)
*Arden of Faversham, in William Shakespeare and Others. Collaborative Plays, ed. Jonathan Bate et al. (started/finished)
*Ashbery, John. Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror (finished)
*Le Carré, John. The Russia House (finished)
*Taylor, Gary. “The Canon and Chronology of Shakespeare’s Plays,” in Stanley Wells, et al. William Shakespeare: A Textual Companion (finished)
*Geerken, Hartmut, et al. Omniverse Sun Ra [Expanded and revised 2nd ed.] (in progress)
*Kondo, Marie. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (in progress)

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