Monday, February 29, 2016

Playlist, week of 2016-02-28

I've been on a real Tom Rainey kick lately...can't get enough of his playing. He's brilliant on this. Love his Kris Davis trio work as well. His own trio, with Ingrid, with Tim Berne, with Braxton...damn, lots of listening to do! More on this at some point.

Playlist 2016-02-29:

*Anthony Braxton: The Complete Arista Recordings of Anthony Braxton (disc 7)
*Anthony Braxton: Anthony Braxton Quartet [Sao Paulo 2014]
*Peter Brötzmann Sextet/Quartet: Nipples
*Peter Brötzmann Sextet/Quartet: More Nipples
*Rodger Coleman: 2016-02-18 “Moog” (wav)
*John Coltrane Quartet: 1963-01-19 University Park, PA. (CDR)
*Kris Davis: Capricorn Climber
*Kris Davis Trio: Waiting for You to Grow
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2015-11-23 “Doll Arm in Limbo Threshold” (wav)
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2015-12-07 “Accept This Cooler” (wav)
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2016-02-01 “Featherduster” (wav)
*Sun Ra: The Singles
*Sun Ra & His Astro-Ihnfinity Arkestra: The Intergalactic Thing (streaming) (selections)
*Sun Ra and His Mythic Science Arkestra: The Paris Tapes: Live at le Theatre du Chatelet 1971 (disc 2)
*Sun Ra: Disco 3000: The Complete Milan Concert 1978 (Art Yard) (disc 2)
*Lester Young: The Aladdin Sessions (side 1)
*Bob Dylan: The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series Volume 12 (discs 5, 6)
*Hatfield and the North: 1974-04-13 London (CDR)
*High Llamas: Here Come the Rattling Trees
*Little Feat: Waiting for Columbus (disc 2)
*National Health: Playtime
*No BS! Brass: Brass Knuckles
*Soft Machine: 1975-01-10 Enschede, The Netherlands (CDR) (disc 1)
*Supremes: I Hear a Symphony
*Supremes: The Supremes a ‘Go-Go
*Supremes: The Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland
*Television: Marquee Moon
*Various artists: Indian Old Comedy Cancel Songs, Vol. 152 (side A)

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