Monday, February 8, 2016

Playlist, Week of 2016-02-07

My ongoing chronological listen to Coltrane continues. As much as I love his work on Prestige, his work with Miles and Monk, and his work on Atlantic (and I do love all of it, madly), we're starting to get into the REAL stuff now. I also love the early classic quartet stuff (not to mention the unbelievable Village Vanguard sessions), but I'm approaching 1965, when things really start to take off, especially live. (Coltrane always seemed to be more advanced playing live than in the the time he recorded A Love Supreme, his live performances were light years ahead.) Anyway, for the next couple of weeks I'll still be delving into the studio Impulse stuff and the live 1963-1964 performances. Then....whooo!

Playlist, Week of 2016-02-08:

*Anthony Braxton: The Complete Arista Recordings of Anthony Braxton (discs 1, 2)
*Anthony Braxton: Piano Music (1968-2000)/Performed by Genevieve Foccroulle (disc 8)
*Anthony Braxton: 23 Standards (Quartet) 2003 (disc 2)
*Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: 2014-12-30 Nashville (wav)
*John Coltrane: Live Trane: The European Tours (discs 5, 6, 7)
*John Coltrane: 1962-06-20 Studio Reel (CDR)
*John Coltrane: 1962-11-13 Studio Reel (CDR)
*Decoy: Vol 2: The Deep
*Globe Unity Orchestra: 1970-11-07 Berlin (CDR)
*Drew Gress Quintet: 2006-01-22 Bimhuis, Amsterdam (CDR)
*Herbie Hancock: Thrust
*Kip Hanrahan: Exotica
*Fletcher Henderson: Jazz Age: Great Original Performances 1925 to 1928
*Mahavishnu Orchestra: Between Nothingness & Eternity
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2016-01-11 “Lincoln Log Interval” (wav)
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2016-02-01 “Featherduster” (wav)
*Red Nichols and Miff Mole: Great Original Performances 1925 to 1930
*Tom Rainey Trio: Pool School
*Sun Ra and His Arkestra: My Way Is the Spaceways
*Various artists: Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music #7: Seventh and Last a-Chronology 1930-2012 (disc 1)
*Area: Maledetti (Maudits)
*Olga Bell: Incitation
*Binbot: Tumblr (selections)
*Funkadelic: First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate (disc 2)
*Hatfield and the North: 1973-09-25 Paris
*National Health: 1977-11-16 Kingston upon Hull, England (CDR)
*National Health: 1979-11-19 Lawrence, Kansas (CDR)

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