Monday, February 8, 2016

Reading List, Week of 2016-02-07

I am going to have much, much more to say about this gigantic book! Stay tuned...

Reading List 2016-02-08:

*King, Stephen. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams (started)
*Johnston, Anthony, and Christopher Mitten. Wasteland: The Apocalyptic Edition, Vol. 2 (started/finished)
*DeSantis, Dennis. Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers (finished)
*Hawkins, Paula. The Girl on the Train (finished)
*Barthelme, Donald. Forty Stories (in progress)
*Geerken, Hartmut, et al. Omniverse Sun Ra [Expanded and revised 2nd ed.] (in progress)
*Thompson, Ann, et al. Which Shakespeare?: A User's Guide to Editions (in progress)

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