Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Ting Ting Loft at Musicircus April 13 at UR

Akira Kinoshita, courtesy of the John Cage Trust

New Ting Ting Loft will be participating in this year's annual Musicircus event, Wednesday, April 13 (tomorrow night!) at the University of Richmond's Booker Hall of Music. Curated by Brian Jones, this event is nothing but fun. The John Cage composition goes like this:
Created in 1967, MUSICIRCUS is an invitation for as many performers as possible to assemble and play together where multiple performances occur simultaneously to create new, unusual configurations. Each ensemble or soloist prepares a set of works that they will perform. Each group plays what it has prepared and the overall effect is a circus. MUSICIRCUS is not a jam session-- one group does not try to blend in with another group.
Here's what Style Weekly says about it:
An unpredictable Richmond tradition, the event gathers a wide cross section of Richmond musician and scatters them throughout the building for exactly one hour of simultaneous playing. It’s an opportunity to see some of RVA’s best players up close, and to experience the uncanny frisson of moving between radically different styles. Or just standing where free jazz, samba, bluegrass and Balinese gamelan run together in a multiplexed collision of perfect noise.
We always have a blast doing this. Come check it out! 8:50 or 9:00 or thereabouts, sharp!

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