Monday, October 19, 2015

Playlist, Week of 2015-10-18

Playlist 2015-10-19:

*AMM III: It Had Been an Ordinary Enough Day in Pueblo, Colorado
*AMM: Laminal (disc 2)
*AMM: From a Strange Place
*AMM: Before Driving to the Chapel We Took Coffee with Rick and Jennifer Reed
*AMM: 1998-04-03 Padova, Italy (CDR)
*Anthony Braxton: Past, Present, Future: Selections from the Tri-Centric Foundation Archives, Vol. 2 (mp3)
*Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet: 2013-11-09 Jazz Gallery, NYC (2nd set) (CDR)
*Rodger Coleman and Sam Byrd: 2015-05-14/15 Nashville (wav)
*John Coltrane: Fearless Leader (disc 6)
*John Coltrane: The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings (disc 4)
*Kris Davis: Massive Threads
*Alexander Hawkins: Alexander Hawkins Trio
*Dave Holland: Prism
*Mahavishnu Orchestra: The Lost Trident Sessions
*Roscoe Mitchell: L-R-G/The Maze/S II Examples
*Musica Elettronica Viva/AMM: Live Electronic Music Improvised
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2015-10-12 “A Froggy Evening” (wav)
*Evan Parker and Eddie Prévost: Most Materiall (disc 1)
*Max Roach: We Insist!
*Wayne Shorter: Super Nova (side 2)
*Sun Ra All Stars: 1983-11-01 Paris (CDR)
*Cecil Taylor Quintet: 1965-07-02 Newport Jazz Festival
*Various artists: The Hot Spot (original motion picture soundtrack)
*Beatles: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band (side 2)
*Captain Beefheart: The Spotlight Kid
*Guided by Voices: Get Out of My Stations
*High Llamas: Lollo Rosso
*Liz Phair: Exile in Guyville
*Paul McCartney: Tug of War (2015 ed.) (disc 1)
*UYA: 1989-10-08 Urban Young Agitation (wav)
*UYA: Z (Blue) “Z (Blue) (pt. 2)”

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