Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wig Drop

So now this is dropped on us... Wig Drop.

Wig Drop cover art

Jefferson Pilot + Tex Goldstein = Wig Drop.

This music is swampy and swarthy. Lo, lo, lo-fi, high, high, high-intensity. Sharp attitude like a bentback big toe hangnail, struggling with the moist sock lint through the infested hole of yesteryear. Strange, strained, immediate.

From the website:
Who is Wig Drop? We don't know, but a batch of their songs have been unearthed near the Passaic River off of Rt. 20 in Paterson, N.J. 
Literally- they were pulled from the mud and hosed down in some guy's backyard. Like otherworldly field recordings, Wig Drop's songs conjure a strange world where spray adhesives, diapers, UFOs, old discounts, sleepovers and sacred love all vie for the listener's attention. Like a weed between the crack, Wig Drop grows wild and is hard to put down.
Check it out.

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