Thursday, June 12, 2014

Another Bonus Playlist from the Magic Jukebox

Every so often, I like to post playlists from the Magic Jukebox. Here's another one, this time from around the last week of May.

1. Cardinals: The door is still open
2. Hank Williams: Dear John
3. Little Richard: Greenwood, Mississippi
4. Otis Redding: You've made a man out of me
5. Mar-Keys: Grab this thing (pt. 1)
6. Kendall Sisters: Yea yea
7. Lowell Fulson: Trouble trouble
8. Jimi Hendrix: Lover man
9. Husker Du: Visionary
10. Booker T. & the MGs: Expressway to your heart
11. Dawn: I'm afraid they're all talking about me
12. Hank Williams: Pins and needles in my heart
13. Carter Family: Will you miss me when I'm gone
14. Beatles: I'm down (take 1)
15. Captain Beefheart: Neon meate dream of a octafish
16. Charlie Parker: Chasin' the bird
17. Archie Bell & the Drells: A thousand wonders
18. Kinks: Mister Pleasant
19. Charlie Parker: Home cooking 1: Opus
20. High Llamas: Fly baby fly
21. Joe Tex: A woman can change a man
22. Rolling Stones: Jigsaw puzzle
23. Prince: 2morrow
24. Naked City: Jazz snob eat shit
25. Beatles: Tell me why (take 4)
26. Allman Brothers: Stormy Monday
27. Kid Koala: The mushroom factory
28. Booker T. & the MGs: When something is wrong with my baby
29. Todd Rundgren: A long time, a long way to go
30. Bob Dylan: The times they are a-changing
31. Deerhoof: My purple past
32. Kinks: Arthur
33. Betty Wright: Clean-up woman
34. Chris Clark: Something's wrong
35. Frank Zappa: Dense slight
36. Boredoms: 7th June '98 remix
37. Jackie Wilson: Reet petite
38. Duke Ellington: Rock skippin' at the Blue Note
39. Solomon Burke: Save it
40. Hank Ballard & the Midnighters: From the love side
41. Arthur Alexander: In the middle of it all
42. Sun Ra: Dorothy's dance
43. Lew Stone & His Band: Garden of weed
44. Tower of Power: Soul vaccination
45. Beatles: Strawberry fields forever (take 2)
46. Billie Holiday: April in my heart
47. Sun Ra: Wurlitzer and celeste
48. Rolling Stones: Stupid girl
49. Cellos: Rang tang ding dong (I am the Japanese sandman)
50. Rutles: Hold my hand
51. Beatles: Everybody's trying to be my baby
52. George Jones: Out of control
53. Orioles: Crying in the chapel
54. Bob Dylan: It takes a lot to laugh
55. Clovers: Lovey dovey
56. Otis Redding: Gone again
57. Al Green: One of these good old days
58. Yani Martinelli: Purple and yellow
59. Alemayehu Eshete: Shegitu Mare
60. Smokey Robinson & the Miracles: Oh be my love
61. Kinks: Some mother's son
62. Etta James: Steal away
63. Eddie Floyd: Water
64. Otis Redding: A woman, a lover, a friend
65. Etta James: It hurts me so much
66. Otis Redding: Ton of joy
67. Johnny Cash: Guess things happen that way
68. Dennis Wilson: Pacific ocean blue
69. XTC: The rhythm
70. Fela: My lady frustration
71. Prince: Desire
72. Dionne Warwick: The green grass starts to grow
73. Beatles: Michelle (demo)
74. Muddy Waters: Baby please don't go
75. Stock, Hausen, & Walkman: Index
76. Rolling Stones: Child of the moon
77. Duke Ellington: Body and soul
78. Duke Ellington: Weely
79. Charlie Parker: All the things you are
80. Shirelles: It's love that really counts
81. Bob Dylan: Moonlight
82. Tad Thaddock: Over before you know it
83. Beatles: Get Back ("Love" version)
84. Sun Ra: Urnack
85. Beatles: Day tripper (take 3)
86. John Coltrane: To be
87. Fletcher Henderson: Clarinet marmalade
88. Dennis Wilson: Wild situation
89. Fletcher Henderson: Teapot dome blues
90. Prince: I rock therefore I am
91. Brian Wilson: I'm in great shape/I wanna be around/Workshop
92. Tad Thaddock: Smegma on the highway
93. Cryptic Jr. (disc 1, track 17)
94. Charles Mingus: East coasting
95. Muddy Waters: Got my mojo working
96. Valentines: Lily Maebelle
97. Jimi Hendrix: Can you see me
98. Tower of Power: Check it out
99. Prince: All day all night
100. Dee Dee Warwick: I want to be with you
101. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell: Ain't nothing like the real thing
102. Stock, Hausen, & Walkman: New
103. DJ Spooky/Marcel Duchmap: The creative act
104. Otis Rush: Walking down the aisle
105. Charlie Rich: Break up
106. Kinks: I'll remember
107. Beatles: Strawberry fields forever
108. Mothers of Invention: Toads of the Short Forest
109. Stevie Wonder: Tuesday heartbreak
110. Major Organ & the Adding Machine: Life forms (Transmission received)
111. XTC: That's really super, Supergirl
112. Jack Jenney: Stardust
113. Beatles: Two of us
114. Mars Volta: Tourniquet man
115. Dusty Springfield: I had a talk with my man
116. Dark Carpet: I'm in love with a girl
117. Sun Ra: The shadow world ("Soul Vibrations of Man")
118. Eddie Floyd: Soemthing you got
119. Billie Holiday: I'm gonna lock my heart
120. Cliff Carlisle: Shanghai rooster yodel #2
121. John Coltrane: Serenity
122. Sun Ra: El is a sound of joy ("Live at Montreux")
123. Sun Ra: Discipline/Tall trees in the sun
124. Sun Ra: Angels and demons at play (live at Slug's '72)
125. Rolling Stones: Beast of burden

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