Monday, March 31, 2014

Reading List, Week of 2014-03-30

Reading List 2014-03-31

*Alexander, Lloyd. Taran Wanderer (started)
*Shakespeare, William. Love’s Labour’s Lost (Arden ed., 2nd series, ed. R.W. David) (reread/started)
*Alexander, Lloyd. The Castle of Llyr (started/finished)
*Alexander, Lloyd. The Black Cauldron (started/finished)
*Alexander, Lloyd. The Book of Three (started/finished)
*Willingham, Bill, et al. Fables: Legends in Exile (started/finished)
*Willingham, Bill, et al. Fables: Animal Farm (started/finished)
*Gaddis, William. A Frolic of His Own (finished)
*Weldon, Michael J. Psychotronic Video Guide (in progress)

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