Monday, February 10, 2014

Playlist, Week of 2014-02-09

Playlist 2014-02-10:

*Sergei Rachmaninoff: The Complete Recordings (disc 3)
*Tim Berne’s Snakeoil: Shadow Man
*Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet & 7-tette: Navigation (The Complete Firehouse 12 Recordings)
*Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: 2013-12 LP mix (wav)
*Miles Davis: The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (discs 2-4)
*Miles Davis Quintet: 1969-10-27 Rome (CDR)
*Miles Davis Quintet: 1969-11-02 London (CDR)
*Mary Halvorson: 2009-02-13 Roulette, NYC (CDR)
*Thelonious Monk: Paris 1969
*Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris: Testament: A Conduction Collection "Conduction 11, Where Music Goes"
*New Ting Ting Loft: 2014-01-27 “Threshold on Fever Town” (wav)
*Paradoxical Frog: 2011-06-10 Vision Festival, NYC (CDR)
*Matthew Shipp Duo with Roscoe Mitchell: 2-Z
*Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra: Other Strange Worlds (streaming)
*These Arches: 2010-11-19 Firehouse 12, New Haven CT (CDR)
*John Zorn: Enigmata
*Beatles: Anthology 1 (disc 1)
*Beatles: Unsurpassed Broadcasts, 2nd ed. (CDR) (disc 1)
*Circus Devils: My Mind Has Seen the White Trick
*Faust: C’est Com...Com...Complique
*Henry Cow: Industry (London 1978) (boot CDR)
*King Crimson: The Road to Red (discs 7, 8, 9)
*Paul McCartney: New
*Melody’s Echo Chamber: Melody’s Echo Chamber
*Dan Penn: The Fame Recordings
*Various artists: Enjoy the Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992 (disc 1)
*Willis Earl Beal: Nobody Knows

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