Thursday, December 26, 2013


While in Nashville for the holidays, I have been lucky enough to get with my friend Rodger Coleman.  He has redone his home studio, and it’s beautiful. The sound is fantastic: very warm, very “live” without being too boomy.  Rodger even bought a new drum set with some killer Zildjian cymbals! We were able to record some good stuff!

I have been enjoying Rodger’s video contributions to the Vinyl Community, a group of folks who post youtube videos showing interesting record albums from their collections.  So I suggested to Rodger that we do a joint broadcast, with me as guest, and he graciously agreed. I brought a box o’ fun albums to show ‘n’ tell, and here is the result:


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  1. Great fun, Sam! And the recordings we made came out really good. I hope to put out something on vinyl in 2014! Wah-Hoo!