Monday, November 25, 2013

Bonus Playlist from the Magic Jukebox

When Rodger started his NuVoid, he would post lists of what he'd been listening to each week. I like seeing his playlists; it constantly reminds me of how much I don't know.  I've always liked keeping lists of various things going. Back in 1965, I began keeping a list of every book I read and every movie I watched. I still keep both of those lists, handwritten in a big green ledger book.  So I began submitting my own playlists as comments on Rodger's blog, since I had never been in the habit of actually making note of all that I listened to. For my weekly playlists, I only list full albums that I get through, but that's not the whole story. I also get in at least an hour or two of listening to individual songs on my iPod (affectionately dubbed "The Magic Jukebox," after an old 45 EP I had of Howdy Doody). I tend to play shuffle, so I cover a lot of ground. I don't have the time or inclination to record every single song I listen to there, but every so often I'll stick in a random run from the Magic Jukebox to convey an idea of what else I'm listening to.  So here's a bonus playlist, from earlier this month.

Magic Jukebox Playlist, 1st couple of weeks of November 2013:

1. Anthony Braxton Quartet: No. 23N (Willisau)
2. Boston Spaceships: Inspiration Points
3. Circulatory System: Diary of Wood
4. Touch: Miss Teach
5. Impressions: Little Young Lover
6. Funkadelic: Butt-to-Butt Resuscitation
7. Charlie Parker: Ah-Leu-Cha
8. Louis Armstrong & Clarence Williams: Coal Cart Blues
9. Sun Ra: Early Autumn
10. Beach Boys: Won’t You Tell Me
11. Billie Holiday: Your Mother’s Son-in-Law
12. Marvelettes: Danger Heartbreak Ahead
13. XTC: Washaway
14. Olivia Tremor Control: Green Typewriters
15. Pavement: Grave Architecture
16. Circulatory System: Forever
17. Collegians: Zoom Zoom Zoom
18. Rolling Stones: Out of Time
19. Negro Problem: Peter Jennings
20. Sun Ra: Somebody Else’s Idea (Nightstage, 1989)
21. Sun Ra: El Viktor
22. Beach Boys: Good Good Good Vibrations (1st version w/overdubs)
23. Husker Du: 59 Times the Pain
24. Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas: I’ll Be on My Way
25. Sun Ra: Bygones
26. Charles Mingus: Pipe Dream
27. Beatles: Shimmy SHake (Star Club)
28. Duke Ellington: The Mystery Song
29. Marvelettes: Twistin’ Postman
30. Robert Wyatt: Life Is Sheep
31. Raymond Scott: The Paperwork Explosion
32. Beatles: Only a Northern Song (ant mix)
33. Tad Thaddock: Clunky Funky
34. Beatles: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
35. Howlin’ Wolf: Baby Ride with Me
36. Robert Pollard: The Original Heart
37. Bettye Swann: Time to Say Goodbye
38. Breeders: Lime House
39. Robert Pollard: How Many Stations
40. Beatles: You Can’t Do That (live Philadelphia)
41. Marvelettes: Beechwood 4-5789
42. Beatles: Lady Madonna
43. OOIOO: [Japanese title]
44. Carla Thomas: Little Boy
45. Billie Holiday: That’s Life I Guess
46. Funkadelic: She Loves You
47. Bud Powell: Somebody Loves Me
48. Weather Report: Man in the Green Shirt
49. Freddie Scott: He Ain’t Give You None
50. Miles Davis Quintet: This (live ‘69)
51. Beatles: Mean Mr. Mustard (demo)
52. Rodger Coleman/Sam Byrd: Number 1 (from “Eras”)
53. Beatles: Think for Yourself
54. Patsy Montana: Cowboy’s Sweetheart
55. Jerry Lee Lewis: What’d I Say
56. Anthony Braxton: Comp. 8 A/B Blues/8E
57. Mike Ladd: Untitled
58. Quiet Elegance: I Need Love
59. Parliament: Peek-a-Groove
60. Bettye Swann: Today I Started Loving You Again
61. Art Tatum: Tiger Rag
62. Wilson Pickett: You Can’t Stand Alone
63. John Lennon: Oh Yoko
64. Bubble Puppy: Hot Smoke and Sassafras
65. Beatles: She’s a Woman (take 4)
66. Jimi Hendrix Experience: Can You See Me
67. Kim Weston: Take Me in Your Arms
68. Jackie Wilson: Open the Door to Your Heart
69. Mothers of Invention: You Didn’t Try to Call Me
70. Fela: Eko
71. Lata Mangeshkar: Sari Sari Raat
72. Beach Boys: caroline No (stereo, original speed)
73. Duke Ellington: Ko-Ko
74. Lesley Gore: I Just Don’t Know If I Can
75. Steely Dan: Peg
76. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks: Real Emotional Trash
77. Premiers: Farmer John
78. Dubs: Don’t Ask Me to Be Lonely
79. Louis Armstrong: Oriental Strut
80. Bootsy Collins: Munchies for Your Love
81. Frank Zappa: Lather
82. Duke Ellington: Hayfoot Strawfoot
83. Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever (“Let It Be” sessions)
84. Beatles: 8 Days a Week (take 2, partial)
85. Jimi Hendrix: I Don’t Live Today (live Berkeley)
86. Zach Hill: Memo to the Man
87. Sir Mack Rice: Love Sickness
88. Deerhoof: Heart Failure
89. John Coltrane: Configuration
90. Steely Dan: This All Too Mobile Home (live)
91. Louis Armstrong: Muskrat Ramble
92. Deerhoof: Kidz Are So Small
93. Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs: Stay
94. Beatles: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (takes 6-8)
95. Hatfield and the North: Rifferama
96. Southern Serenaders: I Miss My Swiss
97. High Llamas: Nomads (live)
98. Soft Machine: Dedicated to Hugh (But You Weren’t Listening)
99. UYA: Void Dancing
100. Miles Davis Quintet: The Theme (take 1)
101. Lou Johnson: Always Something There to Remind Me
102. Grateful Dead: “Live/Dead” radio ad
103. Surfaris: Wipe Out
104. Billie Holiday: Good Morning Heartache
105. Beatles: With a Little Help from My Friends (backing track)
106. XTC: You’re the Wish You Are I Had
107. Andy Partidge: I Defy You Gravity
108. Dennis Wilson: Are You Real
109. Anthony Braxton: Comp. 69K
110. Neil Young: When You Dance You Can Really Love
111. Tad Thaddock: Toasted Baby
112. Duke Ellington: Sonnet in Search of a Moor
113. Kingpins: It Won’t Be This Way (Always)
114. Louis Armstrong: Jazz Lips
115. Harvey Scales & the Seven Sounds: It’s Too Good to Be True
116. Bee Gees: Birdie Told Me
117. Bob Dylan: Outlaw Blues
118. Guided By Voices: Sot
119. Dr. Dog: The Girl
120. Anthony Braxton: Comp. 40O


  1. That's insane! I just can't get into using my iPod that way. I'm just an old-school, album kinda guy!

  2. It comes both from my love of making cassette mixes and from my idealized notion of a perfect radio station. Not to mention the idea of singles. I always loved the delicious space, even if less than a second, between tracks on a mix tape...what would come next? What would be perfect to hear right now, after that song? One pair of songs I hate to split up, though, I must admit, is "Think for Yourself" and "The Word."